Test Campaign

Journey from Nebalich

Sailed on a Ship to Redstone, got attacked by pirates. Captured their ship after failing many jumps before going to Redstone. Tried to sail ship, hit wall. Towed it with them to Redstone. Had ship washed by dock boy.

Tried to deliver cargo to tower, couldn’t get in. Waited a day, tried again, failed. Snuck around the back at night and climbed the wall. Leaped over to get knocked out by magic. Further failed jumping resulted in falling through the roof of a house on a family eating dinner. Finally made it over wall, knocked out again.

Guard knocked out, got into tower and explored. Left tower and headed to location of old men. Find signs of battle, leave ruin to save them. Find them being cooked for food, throw expanding cube to distract savages, grab thing they needed, run. Got away, fixed thing.

Got back to Redstone, everyone happy, gave them free bricks and other nonsense stuff. Finally trained on boating, kinda.


BiosElement BiosElement

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